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Total Prize Purse: R1 643 200

The Absa Cape Epic matched the Women's prize purse to the Men’s purse in 2014. The increase to R700 000 for the Women's category purse made it the biggest prize for women in cycling and took the race’s total prize purse for all categories to R1 600 000.

The trophies and special awards at the Absa Cape Epic also makes it a the ultimate prize in Mountain Biking. 


Prize Money

Men's and Women's UCI Licensed Teams

Each year professional mountain bikers from around the globe come together at the Absa Cape Epic start line to race for the ultimate title in mountain biking.

PositionOverall ResultsStage Results
1 R200 000 R5 000
2 R120 000 R3 000
3 R80 000 R2 200
4 R50 000 R1 800
5 R40 000 R1 500
6 R30 000 R1 300
7 R20 000 R1 200
8 R15 000 R1 000
9 R12 000 R  900
10 R10 000 R  800


Hotspot prizes are awarded to the first Men's or Women's team to pass a pre selected part of the route. The hotspots are selected from Stage 1 to Stage 6 with each category racing to reach them on alternating stages. 

Stage 1 Men  R15 000
Stage 2 Women  R15 000
Stage 3 Men  R15 000
Stage 4 Women  R15 000
Stage 5 Men  R15 000
Stage 6 Women  R15 000



Special Ranking Absa African Jersey

The Absa African prize money is warded to the highest-placed team where both members hold passports from an African country, regardless of their category. With the sport of mountain biking growing rapidly across the continent, the competition for this special jersey –first introduced in 2007 –becomes more intense each year. 

PositionPrize Money
1st R50 000
2nd R30 000
3rd R20 000


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