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An event the size of the Absa Cape Epic would not be possible without the willing and able volunteers who give of their time to ensure the race runs smoothly and that the participants in the race are able to experience all that the Untamed African Mountain Bike Race has to offer. Therefore, our volunteers are truly a part of the backbone and key to the success of this international event.

You might not be able to ride the Absa Cape Epic, but you can still be a part of this memorable experience by signing up for this programme. Not only does the Absa Cape Epic volunteer programme provide an excellent platform for meeting new people and gaining a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes, it is also the only way to get to stay in the race village with the Absa Cape Epic riders.

Whether you are just an avid mountain biking fan, supporting riders taking part, an enthusiastic community contributor, devoted sports fan, student or just looking to experience the race before taking it on “in the saddle” then our unique volunteer programme is exactly what you’re looking for. Come and experience all that the Magical and Untamed Africa Mountain Bike Race has to offer.

Supporting Riders?
Volunteering is the only way for supporters to be able to eat and sleep in the race village along with the riders.

Want a Guaranteed Entry?
Successfully completing the volunteer programme guarantees each volunteer an entry into the following year’s race. Volunteers do not have to use this entry for themselves, and may pass the entry onto whomever they choose, as long as the nomination is done before the closing date of the lottery. This is a reserved entry not a free entry, and must be used for the following year's race.

Experience the Absa Cape Epic?
Whilst you may not be able to ride the Absa Cape Epic (or you are possibly just not ready to take the challenge of riding the race yet), you can still be a part of the experience. So why not create your own Epic adventure experiencing the race as the 1300 riders would, just without the long hours in the saddle?

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