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Date: 17 March 2018
Venue: University of Cape Town
Time: 09:00 - 13:00

All the hard work and training has been done, and all you need to worry about is registering and getting to the start line.

At registration, riders will have the opportunity to test-ride the Prologue route in preparation for the start of their eight-day campaign and make sure their bikes are operating like well-oiled machines.

Family and friends are encouraged to join in on the action. There are plenty of on-site amenities, including the Castle Free Chill Zone and Virgin Active Club V kiddie’s area. A selection of food vendors will also be available.

Riders should report to registration as a team and both members must bring along some form of photo identification e.g. ID or passport. Registration closes at 13:00 and no late registration requests will be accepted. Please note: if a team misses registration they will forfeit their entry and no refunds will be given. 

Here riders will receive their race packs containing all items required for the race, including rider bags with premium items inside. They will also have the opportunity to interact with various sponsors and suppliers prior to the race and purchase any last-minute items.

We will transport any additional bags and/or bike box straight to the Grand Finale in the Val de Vie Bag Truck, situated in the public parking area.

Please note: You will have no access to these bags until the last day of the race and there is NO Val de Vie bag check-in at the Prologue.

*Please note: Due to the water restrictions in Cape Town, registration day is waterless and there are no operational showers or bike wash facilities.

08:00 14:00 Absa Cape Epic Logo store
08:30 10:00  Amabubesi Breakfast 
09:00  13:00 Media Centre 
09:00 13:00  Rider Registration & Bike Park 
09:00  13:00  Val de Vie Bag Truck 
10:00  14:00  Castle Free Chill Zone 
11:00  13:00  Pre-accommodation shuttles back to the hotel 




We understand that the Prologue is a big day and sometimes the magnitude of the occasion can cause added stress levels – that’s why we’ve packaged a few key points to help all teams get through the day as smoothly as possible.

If you are driving to the Prologue, please park in the public parking areas just off Rhodes Drive below the M3 and use the main entrance through the subway.

There is a day bag holding area where you can securely leave your day bag while you ride the Prologue, and shower afterwards.

Start Times
It is crucial that you and your partner check-in at the designated call up area 20min before your allocated time. If a team misses their start time, they will have to start at the back of the field.

Please make use of the warm-up stationery bikes at the Virgin Active activation near the Prologue start chute. To prevent any interference with the race it is advised that you warm-up on a stationary bike only.

Transport to Arabella Wine Estate in Robertson
The drive to the first race village at Arabella Wine Estate takes approximately two hours. The race village will be fully operational from 12:00, including a bike wash facility.

If you have pre-booked the coach transfer you and your bike will be transported to the first race village.



05:30 13:00 Race Office opening hours
06:30 15:00 Absa Cape Epic Logo Store
06:40   First team start
09:00 14:00 Castle Free Chill Zone
10:40 11:50 UCI Women Racing
11:45 13:15 UCI Men Racing
13:30   Podium Awards Presentation
13:00 14:00 Coaches depart for Arabella Wine Estate
14:00   Venue closes 

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