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Here are some frequently asked questions and corresponding answers. If these do not answer your question, feel free to email us on

How do I invite my partner?
You need to sign into your online profile using your unique log in details at Click on “Invite Partner” button. You will need their ID/Passport number as well as their email address. Your invited partner will then need to sign into their profile to accept the invitation.

Are we allowed to use the official Absa Cape Epic logo on our kit?
No – you are, however, allowed to use the Rider Badge. This is available for download in your Online Profile.

Which additional services are available and how can I book them?
Certain products will be for sale in our online store from July and others from September. The sales end on 1 February. Please contact us if you would like to enquire about availability or to be added to a waiting list.

How many night’s accommodation are included in our registration package?
Tented accommodation is included from the night of the Prologue up to, and including, the following Saturday night.
A mattress as well as a mattress cover will be provided, please bring your own sleeping bag and pillow.

How do we get from the Prologue venue to the first Race Village?
This is NOT included in your registration package. You need to organise your own transport (for you and your bike). Alternatively, you can purchase a Coach Transfer. This includes transport for you and your bike from the Prologue to the first Race Village. These are purchased per rider and not per team.
Please note that if you have purchased a Pre-Accommodation package or a Premium Upgrade, your transport is included in your package.

When do we choose a team name and a partner?
Your team name needs to be final by the end of January. We advise that your partner is invited and your team is complete by the end of December. Rider changes are possible right up until Registration day, but there are costs involved. See the rider change process and costs here.

What happens if my partner is injured/ill and I need to change my partner?
You will need to do a rider change in your online profile. The details of this procedure can be found here.

What is the Support Village?
This is a secondary working campsite that travels with the race. They are located within close proximity (walking distance) of each race village and provide much needed support for riders and supporters throughout the duration of the event. The Absa Cape Epic does not run nor managed Support Village and is not responsible for services provided there. The contact details for the manager of the Support Village can be found here.

Can we purchase Bike Maintenance packages as an optional extra?
We do not sell bike maintenance packages. You will need to organise this privately. Bike mechanics will be present in the Race Village as well as the Support Village throughout the race.  

How do we get back to Cape Town from the Grand Finale?
You will need to organise your own transport back to Cape Town.
If you have purchased a Post-Accommodation Package, this includes transport back to the Race Hotel after the Grand Finale.
We will have Sport Taxi’s on site for your convenience.

I have paid for my entry/store products via EFT but it still shows the order as unpaid. Why?
We receive a weekly bank statement every Monday from our Finance division.
If you have made the payment from a local account, please allow until the following Monday for it to be marked off as paid.
If you have made the payment from an international account, please allow anything up to 3 weeks for this to be marked off as paid.
Please always remember to e-mail your proof of payment to so we can make a note of your payment.
If you would like the process to be quicker, please make payment by credit card, as this will reflect immediately.

Where can I store my extra luggage and/or my bike bag during the race?
At Rider Registration you will be able to check any additional luggage into the Grand Finale luggage truck. These items will be securely stored for the duration of the event and will only be available again at the Grand Finale. You will not have access to this luggage before then, even if you drop out of the race.

I am not able to ride what are my options?
Your first step is to contact the Rider Team to discuss the various options. Should you decide to pass your entry to another rider, you may do so, but only once the entry has been accepted and paid for in full. This transaction will be between yourself and the person buying your entry, with South African entries only being permitted to be sold to holders of a valid SA ID document. Please note rider change fees, as listed on the website, will apply.   

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