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It is important that every Absa Cape Epic rider fully understands the rules. We encourage all riders to carefully read through these before starting their training, refer back to them during training and have a last read through before coming to the event.

Ignorance of the rules will not be considered as a mitigating factor.

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Top 10 Rules for Amateur Riders

1. RULE 4.1: All South African residents participating in the race will be required to produce a valid Cycling South Africa (CSA) licence at race registration, or will be charged the applicable fee levied by CSA. All international riders will be required to produce a valid license from their national federation or pay the applicable fee levied by CSA. (You will need a racing license if you are participating in the UCI categories, if not you will only need a CSA membership. Please contact CSA directly for more info via

2. RULE 4.4:  To start in (i) the masters category, both riders must be 40 years or older and (ii) the grandmasters category, both riders must be 50 years or older, respectively, on 31 December of the year in which the race takes place. (It is the responsibility of the riders to ensure that they are registered in the correct category.)

3. RULE 6.1:  Riders will only have their entries confirmed after the race organisers receive a signed Absa Cape Epic medical certificate from a medical doctor verifying the rider’s health status to compete in an endurance race of this nature. (No medical form = No ride)

4. RULE 9.1: Riders must ride with their team partner at all times, and must remain within the maximum allowable separation time, namely 2 minutes. (You must ride with your partner.)

5. RULE 11.9: The organisers may make provision for a course practice. No riders are allowed on the course outside the official practice times (if applicable) or on race day before their allocated start time. (No training is allowed on the official route.)

6. RULE 14.1: No rider may track the route via the use of GPS units or by any other means. The use of GPS units to monitor heart rate, cadence, speed etc. is only allowed if the track log has been disabled.  It is the responsibility of the rider to switch off the tracking functionality. (Note that you may use your device, but you must ensure that the GPS functionality is disabled. Beware of automatic updates that you may have set to sites such as Strava.)

7. Not completing a stage of the race

8. Assistance

9. RULE 25.3: Should any member of a team be incapable of finishing the race, his or her team partner will be entitled to continue riding in the race and may qualify as a finisher, but will not qualify for any rankings. Individual riders will be seeded according to their overall race time, but the highest obtainable seeding is start zone B. (If one of you pulls out of the race, the other rider may continue riding.)


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