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Our optional extra's will be available for purchase through our online store from 2 July 2019.

Although the event is full service there are various optional extras to enhance your experience, whether it is bed and breakfast accommodation or simply massaging your tired muscles after each day.

Returning riders swear by the massage package and race nutrition service if you do not have your own support at the race.

Riders must organise their own travel arrangements to the Prologue (unless they are on the accommodation package), but can book the coach transfer to the first stage location. 

Please note that services and upgrades are high in demand and sell out quickly. Optional extras are not available for purchase at registration.

The following extras are on offer:

*Please note:  Optional extra services purchased are neither transferable nor refundable.  However, if a team withdraws and we are able to sell the optional extra (e.g. personal race nutrition) to another team, we will refund the team.

*A 15% cancellation fee applies to all optional extra refunds. 


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