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The Premium Upgrade option is for those teams that would prefer a few more luxuries than our Absa Cape Epic tented race village offers. Riders on the Premium Upgrade receive enhanced services at the race, including hotel/guest house accommodation, personal baggage assistance and personal massage services.

The number of Premium Upgrades is limited by accommodation available in the stage towns each year and in smaller towns where accommodation is not sufficient.  All efforts will be made to ensure minimal travelling time between accommodation and race village.

The Premium Upgrade is priced as an additional fee that is added to the normal entry fee. It is only available for purchase in the online store for teams that are officially entered to ride the race (i.e. entry fee paid).

* In towns where accommodation is limited, the organisers may be required to secure additional accommodation in surrounding areas. In some (not all) cases this would involve travelling time of up to 30 minutes.

The Premium Upgrade teams will be grouped into groups of 4 (i.e. 8 riders) and each group will have their own passenger vehicle for the duration of the race. One host/driver and one masseur will be dedicated to each group. The masseur will give each rider a 45 minute massage per day. The scheduling of this massage can be arranged directly with the masseur. The host will collect and deliver all rider bags to the hotels and drive the teams between the race village and their hotel before and after the day's riding.

It is important to note that both team members are upgraded when purchasing a premium upgrade and rooms are on a per person sharing basis.

Please note: You can request to be grouped with another Premium Upgrade team, contact us at 

We are unable to inform you in which guesthouse/hotel you will be placed. Your host will provide you with all the necessary information on registration day. 

 The Premium Upgrade includes the following services for both riders:


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