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Important information for fans

Please note that due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will not be allowing any spectators at the 2021 Absa Cape Epic.

For your safety and that of the riders please park in the designated areas and do not block the path of the riders. Please abide by the marshall’s  instruction’s at all times. To avoid congestion please follow the directions given on our website and on the mobile app for each day’s points.  

No outside assistance allowed
Spectators are not allowed to assist riders – even holding a bike while a rider pumps the tyre can earn them a penalty or disqualification. The only assistance a spectator can give a rider is a good cheer. 

Safety for all
Please obey the marshalls and traffic instructions and be polite. They are there to ensure the safety of not only the riders but of you, the spectators, too. 

Keep it tidy
Please do not litter or smoke, the race passes through some pristine environments, as well as gorgeous farmlands, and we would hate not to be invited back. Please respect private property. Much of the race takes place on conservation sites and specific access rules apply. Please familiarize yourself with them in advance.

Follow the signs
All spectator points will be signposted, if in doubt, follow the signage. GPS location points that are integrated into Google Maps will be able to direct you to the spectator point. Simply click on the google maps link for each spectator point and follow the directions from google maps.  

Controlled crossings
At times the race will intersect with access routes. Please adhere to the traffic marshall’s instructions at these points. These are not suitable spectators points so please proceed to the next designated spectator area before stopping to view the race. Never park along the race route.