Stage 3

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  Time ETA on Leaders Location/Map
Stage Start 07:00   Elandskloof Farm Cottages, Greyton
SP1: Greyton Main Road   09:30
 Stage Finish 11:05   Elandskloof Farm Cottages, Greyton

 *Predicted times only.

Spectator Point 1: Greyton Main Road

Stage 3 is the first of two stages that take in the trails surrounding the beautiful town of Greyton. The sole Spectator Point for the stage is located on the town's Main Road and is the perfect chance to see teams as they race through the historic town.

Greyton is packed with amazing cafes and restaurants, making Stage 3 the perfect chance for a day out watching the race and enjoying some incredible food at local restaurants.

Kilometres into the stage: 60km
Distance from race village: 24.3kmĀ