Stage 4

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  Time ETA on Leaders Location/Map
Stage Start 07:00   Elandskloof Farm Cottages, Greyton
SP1: Genadendal   07:55
SP2: Greyton Rugby Field   08:35
SP3: Oom Barrie se Huisie   09:20
Stage Finish  10:15   Elandskloof Farm Cottages, Greyton

 *Predicted times only.

Spectator Point 1: Genadendal

Located at water point 1 in the Genadendal Church square, the first spectator point Stage 4 offers fans the chance to catch an early morning glimpse of the racing. Fans will be joined by enthusiastic locals and kids from the nearby creche as they cheer the riders on into the trails surrounding Genadendal and Greyton.

Kilometres into the stage: 23km
Distance from race village: 20.3km


Spectator Point 2: Greyton Rugby Field

The second spectator point of Stage 4 is located at the Greyton rugby field on the outskirts of the town. Fans will need to give the teams a boost in energy through cheers, applause and words of encouragement because the next challenge of the stage is the infamous Bakenskop climb, traverse, and descent. 

Kilometres into the Stage: 38km
Distance from race village: 24.4km



Spectator Point 3: Oom Barrie se Huisie

The third and final spectator point of Stage 4 is located at the 57 kilometre mark is provides fans with a final chance to cheer on the teams before the head upward towards the UFO climb and descent, and then back onto the rolling terrain back towards the Elandskloof Farm Cottages, Greyton race village. 

Kilometres into the Stage: 57km
Distance from race village: 27.2km