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The Absa Cape Epic is proud to have a formal charity engagement program in place to ensure that, in addition to economic and tourism growth realised in the communities/areas visited by the race each year, the event and its partners are also able to leave a lasting legacy and enrich the lives of the people living within them. 

Anna Foundation

The Anna Foundation aims to empower disadvantaged rural children with life skills and core values, building self-worth and self-responsibility. The "3 R’s Programme: Reading, Running, Right-ing" is implemented after school hours and incorporates education, sports and life skills programmes (presented through drama). This professionally designed programme is aimed at learners from Grade R – 12. Women and men from the farming communities are trained by the Anna Foundation to implement the daily running of the 3 R’s programme. The aim of the Anna Foundation is that each child, man and women involved will develop a positive vision for his or her own future, while also ensuring they make a positive future contribution to South Africa as a whole.

Contact Anna Brom or find out more about Anna Foundation



Cape Leopard Trust

The Cape Leopard Trust was launched in August 2004 as an active predator-conservation working group in the Cape. It uses research as a tool for conservation, finding solutions to human-wildlife conflict and inspiring interest in the environment through interactive and dynamic environmental education programmes. Since its inception, it has become the authority on predator conservation in the Cape, and one of the leading authorities in South Africa. The project has quickly grown to include initiatives in the Cederberg, Namaqualand, Gouritz Corridor and the Boland mountains.

Contact Helen Turnbull or find out more about Cape Leopard Trust



IRONMAN Foundation

The IRONMAN Foundation® creates positive, tangible change in race communities by engaging athletes and volunteers to participate in programs that demonstrate service through sport and commitment to community. Since 2003, over $50,000,000 has been provided through IRONMAN Foundation programs to more than 6,300 local, regional, national and global nonprofit initiatives. Through these partnerships, athletes are powerfully linked to the community and together we leave the legacy behind in our race communities long after event day.

Contact Whitney Staloch or find out more about IRONMAN Foundation



Laureus - Sport for Good Foundation

Laureus’ core concept is simple, brilliant and daunting: to create global awards that recognise the achievements of today’s sporting heroes; to bring sportspeople together; united in achievement but divided by sporting code. Once that community is brought together, putting to work their reach and the support and investment of Laureus’ Founding Patrons and Partners, it creates a powerful message that can help social projects around the world who use sport as a tool for social change. That message, simply, is Laureus Sport for Good.

Contact Brett Graham or find out more about Laureus Sport for Good Foundation



Qhubeka Charity

Qhubeka moves people forward with bicycles. People earn bicycles through our programmes, improving access to schools, clinics and jobs. 

Qhubeka is an Nguni word that means “to progress”, “to move forward”. Bicycles help people move forward. With a bicycle, a person can travel faster and further, and carry more.

Contact Gaylene Campbell or find out more about Qhubeka



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