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The individual philosophies of the founders of the Absa Cape Epic were the foundation for the Untamed African Mountain Bike Race. On 11 March 2003, the Absa Cape Epic was awarded Proudly South African status.

  1. The Absa Cape Epic is organised and presented with the participating athletes as our focal point. Their satisfaction, well-being and enjoyment of the race are our primary goals. We aim to deliver an unsurpassed and unforgettable mountain bike and African travel-experience.
  2. We will endeavour to source all products, services, and human resources for the Absa Cape Epic in South Africa, to stimulate general economic activity and to support local job creation. 
  3. The Absa Cape Epic will promote the culture and beauty of South Africa and introduce the South African mountain bike scene to the world. 
  4. We will work closely with legal and environmental authorities to make the Absa Cape Epic a sustainable success on the global mountain biking circuit. 
  5. It is our hope that the Absa Cape Epic will introduce the mountain biking experience to the local communities through which the race will pass. In partnership with existing South African cycling development bodies, the Absa Cape Epic will endeavour to develop mountain biking and cycling in the previously disadvantaged communities. 
  6. We are committed to transformation at all levels of sport in South Africa and will eagerly participate in activities and initiatives that further the transformation of all cycling formats in South Africa.

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