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The successful delivery of an event the size of the Absa Cape Epic would not be possible without the willing and able volunteers who give of their time to ensure the race runs smoothly and that the participants are able to experience all that the Untamed African Mountain Bike Race has to offer. 

You might not be able to ride the Absa Cape Epic, but you can still be a part of this memorable experience by signing up for the Absa Cape Epic Volunteer programme. Not only does this provide an excellent platform for meeting new people and gaining a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes, it is also the only way to get to stay in the race village with the Absa Cape Epic riders.

Whether you are an avid mountain biking fan, supporting riders taking part, an enthusiastic community contributor, a student looking to gain experience or wanting to be  part of the race before taking it on “in the saddle” then our unique volunteer programme is exactly what you’re looking for.

Create your own Absa Cape Epic adventure and experience the race alongside the 1300 riders by joining the Absa Cape Epic Volunteer programme.

Below you can find a basic schedule of what a day in the life of a volunteer involves. 

Start Time



Wake Up


Breakfast in rider dining marquee


Meet at designated Water Point (WP) truck


Convoy leaves the race village to depart for WP


WP 1 arrives at WP and starts with set up


WP 2 arrives at WP and starts with set up


WP 3 arrives at WP and starts with set up

07:30 - 08:30 

All WPs set up complete


First riders expected WP  1


Expected closing time for WP 1


First riders expected WP  2


Expected closing time for WP 2


First riders expected WP  3


Expected closing time for WP 3


First riders expected finish line WP


Expected closing time for finish line WP

12:00 - 18:00

Upon Race Village arrival:


Step 1 - Send truck to dump rubbish and refill JoJo tank


Step 2 -   ± 1 or 2 hours to shower, refresh and relax


Step 3 - Stock take of drinks and cups


Step 4 - Woolworths collection and packing of truck

18:30 - 19:30

Dinner in the rider dining marquee


*Please note: You might need to assist at other WPs when you finish early or in the event of team members dropping out due to illness or unforeseen circumstances. This is a basic schedule and is subject to change.



Supporting Riders?
Volunteering is the only way for supporters to be able to eat and sleep in the race village along with the riders.

Want a Guaranteed Entry?
Successfully completing the Volunteer programme guarantees each Volunteer an entry into the following year’s race. Volunteers do not have to use this entry for themselves, they can pass the entry on.  However, local Volunteers must nominate local riders and international Volunteers must nominate international riders. Volunteers will have one week to send in their nominations after the event. This is a reserved entry not a free entry, and must be used for the following year's race.

What is the Volunteer Fee?
The Volunteer fee is R3800 for new volunteers, and R1000 for returning volunteers. This assists us cover your expenses for the week like food and accommodation.

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