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Liv Racing Elevates Absa Cape Epic Women’s race


Liv, the company dedicated to getting more women on bikes, is sending two teams to contest for the Women’s jerseys at the 2022 Absa Cape Epic. Having raced together in 2018, Kaysee Armstrong and Serena Gordon make their Absa Cape Epic returns, partnering with Liv Racing teammates Sarah Hill and Crystal Anthony respectively.  



“How lucky am I to finally get to race with Sarah Hill as a teammate and not against her,” Armstrong laughed, before explaining the roots of her rivalry with her now partner. “We spent years battling each other for first place in collegiate mountain bike races. We were always close, and the battle was always fierce. Sarah was constantly pushing me to my limit and vice versa.”  

“We haven't actually ridden together or against one another in years though, because she moved back to South Africa, and I have spent most of my time racing here in America,” she continued. “I do know that we love the same style of riding: technical, mentally challenging, and long. This will play to our advantage at the Absa Cape Epic, where we will both be able to go fast on the long singletrack descents and still recover where others might be struggling.” 

“I think, mentally we are both tough and thrive on pushing ourselves to the max too,” Armstrong added. “We both want to do well for each other too and that's going to push us to keep up with one another in our weak moments out there. We are going to have to spend some time sorting out who is stronger on the long gravel roads and how we can help one another throughout the race though.” 

“It’s extremely rare that there are two women's teams at the Absa Cape Epic from the same team,” the American noted. “Liv Racing is sending each team to go to battle on our own, but also if both teams are around the same speed, we are going to be able to use that to our advantage. We can have more draft power on the long stretches of road at the Absa Cape Epic, which will help us all save energy. Then when it comes to mechanicals, we have more bodies and parts out there to help whichever team is doing better in the overall competition. Lastly, with two teams that means more teammates to share the good times, stories, and bad times with. It means more people to help pick each other up and surround each other with support and love at one of the hardest races in the world.”  

The team dynamic is one of the great allures of the race for the squad. “One of the things that makes the Absa Cape Epic such a unique race, for those of us coming from North America, is the team aspect,” Gordon pointed out. “You are only as strong as your teammate. My primary focus, therefore, is to be the best teammate for Crystal that I can be. How we can work together to motivate, push and inspire one another to achieve our best result will be my main objective.”  

Hill, who has notched up an Absa African Jersey title in her pair of Absa Cape Epic finishes, is undoubtedly going to be a great source of experience for the Liv Racing teams. Local knowledge can be vital in bike set-up choices and in advising on all manner of small off-the-bike decisions. “As all my teammates are coming through to South Africa from the winter season, my biggest piece of advice to them was to try to simulate any kind of heat training,” Hill recounted of the suggestions she has already provided. “Whether this was turning their fan off during indoor trainer rides or jumping into a sauna as frequently as possible! It’s been a hot summer thus far and the temperatures could soar during this year’s Absa Cape Epic.”  

“The other added info I stressed was that they can expect some dry, rocky terrain during the event,” Hill explained. “So, while they are focusing hard on building up their fitness, they must still include some technical riding and strength work too.”  

While the focus for the team at the Absa Cape Epic will be securing the best possible result, for Liv the race presents other opportunities too. “Liv is all about getting more women on bikes,” Liv Racing team manager, Elizabeth Walker said . “Liv Racing, as an extension of Liv, exists to provide more opportunities for women in professional cycling – from athletes, to our mechanics, and staff. I’m very proud to send two Pro women’s teams, supported fully by women staff. The Absa Cape Epic is a significant time, energy, training, and financial investment for everyone, and I believe our two teams, Kaysee and Sarah, and Crystal and Serena, will be in contention for each stage and the overall. This is huge for us as a team and as a brand. I’m very excited to watch it all shake out first-hand!” 

Follow the Liv Racing teams on their journey by visiting from the 20-27 March 2022. 

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