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Here are some frequently asked questions and corresponding answers. If these do not answer your question, feel free to email us on

Why do we have a US dollar (USD) priced entry fee for international teams?
Every year a significant portion of our event operating costs are paid to suppliers who charge their services to us in a currency other than the South African rand (ZAR). These include race timing, satellite broadcasts, elements of our TV production, international distribution of television packages and international marketing. The ZAR/USD exchange rate has declined by over 140% since 2011. Due to this decline in the value of the ZAR, the USD equivalent of the 2012 entry fee (in ZAR) was in fact more than the USD equivalent of the entry fee for this year's race. In order for us to maintain the high international standards that are expected of the Absa Cape Epic, our business needs to adapt to charge some entry fees in USD. 

Can South African and international riders buy Early Bird entries?
Yes. For the 2018 Absa Cape Epic, the Early Bird entries that go on sale at 15:00 (GMT +2) on 27 March 2017 are available to local and international riders and will automatically be charged in ZAR or USD based on the South African or International entrant.

How many teams compete in the Absa Cape Epic?
There are 1300 participants in 650 teams who ride the race each year. 

How many Early Bird entries are made available?
100 Early Bird entries are available. in the past these have sold out virtually instantaneously. 

I live in South Africa but I don't have permanent SA residence - do I qualify for a South African team entry?
Unfortunately not: our validation for a South African team entry is a SA ID number.

I'm a South African resident and have applied for a SA lottery entry. Can I also purchase a ticket in the international lottery to increase my chance of success?
The SA Reserve Bank does not permit us to charge a South African resident in USD, so we may not sell you an international team entry priced in USD.

I bought an international team entry, but my partner is South African - can he pay his portion of the entry fee in ZAR?
No. The team entry type is determined by the successful applicant in the lottery (the primary rider) in which they entered.

I am not able to ride what are my options?
Your first step is to contact the Rider Team to discuss the various options. Should you decide to pass your entry to another rider, you may do so, but only once the entry has been accepted and paid for in full. This transaction will be between yourself and the person buying your entry, with South African entries only being permitted to be sold to holders of a valid SA ID document. Please note rider change fees will apply. 

Are there separate waiting lists for unsuccessful SA and international lottery applicants?
Yes. First option will go to a team from the same lottery pool as the dropped out team. 

Must I have entered the lottery before 30 May to be eligible to join the waiting list?
Yes, but an unsuccessful lottery applicant is not automatically added to the waiting list. You must specifically register to be on the waiting list after the lottery draw takes place. We do this because some riders who are unsuccessful in the lottery gain access to the race through another means (for example, his or her riding partner was successful in the lottery). We only want riders on the waiting list who will definitely take up their option to ride if they reach the top of the waiting list. Registration on the waiting list is free of charge. 

How many South African and international lottery slots are available?
After the 100 Early Bird entries are sold, ALL publicly available entries are allocated to the lottery. The exact number of lottery slots available is different every year depending on commitments to sponsors, volunteers from the previous year, media and UCI riders. We aim for 40% of the total field to be international and 60% South African. 

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