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2021 Absa Cape Epic: 17 - 24 October

Each standard entry includes:


Tented Accommodation

The standard team entry includes tented accommodation in each Absa Cape Epic race village for seven nights (i.e. Sunday to Saturday night, inclusive). Each rider will have access to:


Sponsor provided gifts

Each rider will receive:

Each official finisher will also receive:


Luggage Transport

Each rider’s Absa Cape Epic rider bag is transported between Race Villages. Riders need to make arrangements for transportation from the location of the first day’s riding to the first Race Village, unless they have purchased an Accommodation package, Avis Upgrade package or Coach Transfer through the Optional Extras store, that cover this transport.

Riders can check in a bike box or bag at registration in Cape Town before 13:00. These bike boxes and bags will be securely stored for the duration of the event and available at the Grand Finale.

All luggage must be collected at the Grand Finale by 16:00, including the luggage checked in for storage before the race.

Note: Riders who haven't purchased one of the above Optional Extras before the event need to make their own transport arrangements to get from the Prologue to the first Race Village.


Bike Wash and Security

At the finish line of each stage bikes are taken from riders by the Bike Wash crew. Bikes are washed and transferred to the secure bike park. Bio-degradable cleaning agents keep the bikes clean and shining throughout the race.

The Bike Wash crew are specially trained to operate the high pressure hoses used for bike cleaning and do not spray directly into the bike's bearings or seals.

Once cleaned the bikes are stored in a 24-hour manned security bike park in rider number sequence. Only riders are allowed access to the bike park and will be responsible for collecting their own bikes should they require maintenance or repair. While the bike parks are extremely secure, they are generally uncovered, so bikes are not protected from rain.

Note: Only riders are allowed access to the bike park. No other person will be allowed to retrieve a rider's bike, even if a bike service package has been purchased.


Bike Services

Over the course of the week, the Absa Cape Epic offers a fully equipped bike service support team both on route and in the Race Village. Their teams will ensure that your bike is professionally maintained from the Prologue right through to the Grand Finale.

Technical support will be available to all riders on route at the water points each day. Please ensure that you carry your credit card with you to pay for any services or parts required on route.

Please note: Limited booking space may be available within the Race Village Tech Zone, so we would suggest you book your spot in advance if you plan to make use of any of their services.

Route Tech Support: Olympic Cycles

Race Village Tech Zone: Manic Cycles 


The Strip Stop and Woolworths Chute Bag

The Absa Cape Epic and Woolworths offer a handy service for riders. This service is simple: riders can discard any unwanted kit (leg warmers, arm warmers, gloves, riding jackets etc.) at the start chute and at Water Point 1 of each stage, so that they don’t have to carry it for the remainder of the stage. Ideal for cold mornings that turn into baking middays. Each rider will receive a Woolworths Chute Bag at registration day to use during the event.

How it works:

If you are a racing snake and every second is precious, you’re more than welcome to provide your own bag at Water Point 1, provided you carry it with you from the start. However, they must be sealable and clearly pre-labelled with your team race number. Please note that we can take no responsibility for any items that are not placed in clearly labeled, sealed bags. 

The Strip Stop promises to take good care of your kit, however the service is used at rider’s own risk.

Note: Any uncollected items at the end of the event will be donated to charity.


Medical Service

Mediclinic, a leading provider of professional medical support at major sporting events, has been involved with the Absa Cape Epic since the race's inception.

Services provided:

Basic services are free, however, medication for pre-existing chronic illnesses and ailments will be charged at cost. Consumables for repeated daily strapping of repetitive stress related injuries will be available at cost throughout the race. Riders that require daily strapping are welcome to bring their own consumables (rigid strapping tape).


Food and Nutrition

The Rider Dining Marquee in the Race Village provides breakfasts and dinners for each and every rider, starting with dinner on Sunday night after the Prologue and ending with breakfast on Sunday before the Grand Finale. A wide selection of food is served buffet-style at each meal.

The Absa Cape Epic caterers are certified Halaal, and vegetarian options will be provided for riders who have indicated this preference before the race.

Water is provided in the race village as well as during dinner in the dining marquee. All other beverages (alcoholic and soft) can be purchased from the bars in the Chill Zone, as well as outside the dining marquee.


Water Points

Full-service water points will have a range of Woolworths snacks on offer to keep your energy levels up where they need to be.

These include sweets, protein/cereal bars, fresh fruit, marmite or cheese sandwiches, fresh fruit or mini muffins, fruit cake or dates, baby potatoes and savoury snacks e.g. rice crackers, pretzels.

Full-service water points will also be stocked with USN energy bars, USN endurance drinks, Coca Cola and water. 

Hydro water points along the route will include:Limited Woolworths non-perishables, USN energy bars, USN endurance drinks, Coca Cola and water


Post Race Nutrition 

After each day’s ride, Woolworths greets every rider on the finish line with a complimentary chilled towel. Riders can then head for the Woolworths Recovery tent where they can choose from a wide selection of Woolies’ sandwiches, protein snacks, fresh fruit, drinks and other snacks as well as a ready-to-heat meal (also complimentary) to start the recovery process. There are also food stalls in the finish area where riders and supporters alike can buy a range of take-away food. Riders are responsible for their own nutrition between race finish and the evening meal provided in the Race Village. 

An example of what is included in a recovery meal courtesy of Woolworths:


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