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On-event Accommodation Options

As part of the standard entry package we provide, and pitch, a two-person tent for each rider in our tented race village from Sunday night to Saturday night. A comfortable foam mattress is provided in each tent, but riders must bring their own sheet, sleeping bag and pillow for the duration of the event.

Riders also have the option of purchasing Upgrade Packages:

Option 1:
Riders on the Avis Upgrade package receive enhanced services at the race such as hotel/guest house/B&B accommodation, transport, personal baggage assistance and personal massage services. 

Option 2:
Our vast race village contains a section for those riders who would like to stay in the hustle and bustle of the race village, but with a bit more privacy and comfort than the tented accommodation. We call this section the Mobile Home Park. 

Riders are responsible for organising their own mobile home that must fit into the Mobile Home Parking spot we offer of 8m x 7m. The Mobile Home Park comes with dedicated ablution services, as well as the option to bring a maximum of two supporters to stay in your allocated spot in the Mobile Home Park, these supporters will have access to tents and mattresses.


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