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As part of the Absa Cape Epic experience, riders will be given the opportunity to attend exclusive Absa Cape Epic Rider functions including the Around the World Party as well as Gear Down.

Riders are encouraged to take part in events before the race to enhance their experiences - and you never know when you might need an extra tube at the race!

Around the World Party

The Absa Cape Epic attracts participants from over 50 countries around the world, and to celebrate this Tsogo Sun is hosting the  "Around the World" party on Friday before the start of the race.  Tsogo Sun is our official accommodation partner and will be dazzling you with an incredible setting and an international culinary experience. 

In order to welcome all the international participants and to celebrate each country’s individuality, we ask all attendees to dress up in traditional clothes or colours representing their country.

This exciting event is going to be a sensation of flavours, colours and culture.

*Please note this event is included in the 2-night, 3-night and 4-night pre-accommodation packages only.

Amabubesi Breakfast

The annual Amabubesi breakfast is hosted the day before the start of the race. It is a time to come together with fellow members of the prestigious club and swap Absa Cape Epic war stories and encourage those taking on the challenge once again. The Amabubesi breakfast is open to all club members, including those not participating in the current year's race.

Gear Down

After accomplishing 8 days of Epic riding and months of hard training it is time to relax. So gear down and enjoy some drinks and snacks with fellow riders around the Pool Deck at Tsogo Sun The Cullinan.


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