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Please note that following changes may only be made once an entry has been accepted and paid for by the rider to whom the invite was sent. 

Rider Change

The riders within a confirmed and paid for team can be changed by completing the following steps:

The following fees apply to the change of riders: 

Should the rider change be made after 20 January, every effort will be made to adjust all items to the replacement riders requirements. This however, cannot be guaranteed. 

Any rider changes after 6 March can only take place at Registration.

Please note that optional extras are NOT automatically transferred to the new rider.

Full Team Change

If an unregistered team wishes to take over the entry of a registered team, a double rider change can be performed in the online profile. The above associated costs and dates will apply.


Team Withdrawals

Cancellations and refunds are only accepted if the organisers can fill the spot with a team from the waiting list, regardless of the date of withdrawal.  

If a cancellation is approved by the organisers the following terms, conditions and charges will apply:

We recommend that riders take out private insurance to cover this possibility.

To avoid the cancellation penalties, a team can arrange for a new team to take their entry. Please refer to the rider changes section for more information. 

No refund will be payable if a rider’s entry is cancelled by the race organisers due to ineligibility under the race rules (e.g. being found guilty of a doping offence).

If you wish to cancel your entry, please contact the Rider Team at 


Optional Extras

Optional extra services purchased are neither transferable nor refundable.  However, if a team withdraws and we are able to sell the optional extra (e.g. confirmed hotel room) to another team, we will refund the team.

A 15% admin/cancellation fee applies to all optional extra refunds and transfers.


Event Changes & Cancellations

If the event, or any part thereof, is cancelled, postponed, shortened, or modified in any way, or if any of the amenities, goods, or services in relation to the event are no longer provided, whether due to force majeure, legal restrictions, disputes, safety reasons, failure by service providers to perform, or any other reason or cause, the entry fees and all other fees paid will not be refundable.

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