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Our store items will go on sale on the 1st of July 2017 at 10:00 (GMT+2). 

Although the event is full service there are various optional extras to enhance your experience, whether it is bed and breakfast accommodation or simply massaging your tired muscles after every day.

Returning riders swear by the massage package and race nutrition if you do not have your own support at the race.

Riders must organise their own travel arrangements to the Prologue (unless they are on the accommodation package), but can book the coach transfer to the first stage location. 

Please note that services and upgrades are high in demand and sell out quickly. Optional extras are not available for purchase at registration.

The following extras are on offer:

*Please note:  Optional extra services purchased are neither transferable nor refundable.  However, if a team withdraws and we are able to sell the optional extra (e.g. personal race nutrition) to another team, we will refund the team.

*A 15% cancellation fee applies to all optional extra refunds. 


Premium Upgrade

The Premium Upgrade option is for those teams that would prefer a few more luxuries than our Absa Cape Epic tented race village offers. Riders on the Premium Upgrade receive enhanced services at the race, including hotel/guest house accommodation, personal baggage assistance and personal massage services.

The number of Premium Upgrades is limited by accommodation available in the stage towns each year and in smaller towns where accommodation is not sufficient, all efforts will be made to ensure minimal travelling time between accommodation and race village.

The Premium Upgrade is priced as an additional fee that is added to the normal entry fee. It is only available for purchase in the online store for teams that are officially entered to ride the race (i.e. entry fee paid up).

* In towns where accommodation is limited, the organisers may be required to secure additional accommodation in surrounding areas. In some (not all) cases this would involve travelling time of up to 30 minutes. 

The Premium Upgrade teams will be grouped into groups of 4 (i.e. 8 riders) and each group will have their own passenger vehicle for the duration of the race. One host/driver and one masseur will be dedicated to each group. The masseur will give each rider a 45 minute massage per day. The scheduling of this massage can be arranged directly with the masseur. The host will collect and deliver all rider bags to the hotels and drive the teams between the race village and their hotel before and after the day's riding.

It is important to note that both team members are upgraded when purchasing a premium upgrade and rooms are on a per person sharing basis.

Please note: You can request to be grouped with another Premium Upgrade team, contact us at 

We are unable to inform you in which guesthouse/hotel you will be placed. Your host will provide you with all the necessary information on registration day. 

 The Premium Upgrade includes the following services for both riders:



Mobile Home Parking

Our vast race village contains a section for those riders who would like to stay in the race village, but with a bit more privacy and comfort than the tented accommodation. We call this section the Mobile Home Park.

For the 2018 race riders need to find their own mobile home. Note: only standard Mobile Homes will be allowed into the Mobile home Park - no caravans or other recreational vehicle types. 

Thus, we are only selling Mobile Home Parking Packages. See info below on package.

Riders must remember that they will need someone to drive the mobile home to the next race villages while they ride.  

To book a Mobile Home Parking package, riders can sign into their online profile and visit the online store. 

Each package entitles the team to bring a maximum of 2 supporters to stay with them in the race village.  A Mobile Home Supporter Tent deposit of R 2000 must be paid to get access to tents, mattresses and mattress covers for supporters.  Should riders wish for their supporters to eat in the rider dining marquee, they can purchase an additional meal voucher called Mobile Home Meals for Supporters. (Only available to riders who have purchased a Mobile Home Parking Package.)



A team of dedicated massage students will be on hand to look after the riders’ tired legs and other body parts in need.

Massage packages consist of 7 x 45 minute time slots (1 per day excluding the Grande Finale day).

Subject to availability we will sell individual massage sessions during the event.


Personal Race Nutrition

This service ensures that riders have their own drinks chilled and available to them at a water point as well as on crossing the finish line each day.

By purchasing this service the rider will receive 5 x personalised 800ml Absa Cape Epic Race Nutrition waterbottles with their rider number printed on the bottles. 
These will be handed out at Registration day in Cape Town.

Each night these riders can give us 3 water bottles containing their own personal nutrition/recovery drink already mixed. 
We will deliver two of these water bottles (chilled) to water point 2 every day and the third will be waiting for the rider at the finish line.

We will only provide this service for Absa Cape Epic water bottles.

(Note: this package is per rider not per team. Therefore you will need to purchase 2 of these packages if both team members would like this service.)


Transport to Stage 1

Riders are required to make their own way to the Prologue and then on to the Stage 1 race village unless they have purchased a package to cover this.

As an optional extra service we provide a transfer on Sunday 18 March 2018 for the rider, his/her bag and bike from the first day of racing (Prologue Venue) to Race Village 1.
Riders will need to purchase this service in the online store - this service is NOT included in the basic entry.

The Coach Transfer service is purchased per rider. This means that a team must purchase two packages if both riders require the transfer.

If a rider has booked a pre-race accommodation package or a Premium Upgrade package through us, they do not need to book this transfer as it is already included in the package.




Supporter Package

The supporter package allows riders to bring a friend or family member to stay with them in the race village and share in their Absa Cape Epic experience.

This package will allow your supporter to sleep in the race village in a tent beside yours for 7 nights and eat breakfast and dinner with you in the rider dining marquee.

Please note that there are a limited number of these packages available and they can only be purchased through a registered rider's online profile.





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