Personal Race Nutrition

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This service ensures that riders have their own drinks chilled and available to them on route and at the finish line each day.

By purchasing this service the rider will receive 5 x personalised 800ml Absa Cape Epic Race Nutrition water bottles with their rider number on the bottles.  The bottles can be collected on Registration day at the Race Nutrition area. 

The process on event:

Each night the riders should give the Race Nutrition Team 3 water bottles containing their own personal nutrition/recovery drink already mixed, 2 of these bottles will deliver (chilled) to water point 2 every day and the third will be waiting for the rider at the finish line.

The Race Nutrition Team will be stationed outside the rider dinning marquee between 17:30 and 19:00 every day.  We will only provide this service for Absa Cape Epic water bottles.

Please note: this package is per rider not per team. Therefore you will need to purchase 2 of these packages if both team members would like this service.

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