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2018 Stage 2

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Start Location
Arabella Wine Estate
Finish Location
Arabella Wine Estate




This will be like a 10-round world championship boxing match, with a series of climbs that will throw jabs and uppercuts at the riders all day. Learn the names of these bumps, because you’ll remember them well. The Balboa, the Cow Climb, Kat se Pad, Kat de Stert, Neil’s Folly, One-Two-Three Combo, Suckerpunch Climb and, when you think it is all over, the Counter Punch Climb. There will be some fun with the 10km Bosvark singletrack swoop after 82km, which for many will be the highlight of the day. Keep something in reserve for the last 40km.

Land Rover Technical Terrain: Bosvark singletrack, which is singletrack like no other. When you think you’ll be freewheeling down, the trail snakes upward and every inch is hard earned.