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2018 Stage 5

Friday, March 23, 2018
Start Location
Huguenot High & Primary School
Finish Location
Huguenot High & Primary School




Flat out, but far from flat. The time trial is the race of truth, just you and your partner against the clock. This could shake up the elite categories, the intensity of the altitude gain and the short day may catch a few of them out. Back in 2010, when the last time trial was held, Burry Stander and Christoph Sauser put a minute gap into their opponents. That could be more over the three, massive climbs on the day. Rondawel is first up after 5km, then Plantation at 13km and the Seven Peaks 22km in. The fun will come with the Bobsled bridge and the singletrack descents of Cool Runnings and Cool Runnings Two.

Land Rover Technical Terrain: Seven Peaks Climb – the final push before the fun, the Seven Peaks Climb’s false summits may break a few hearts, but it grants access to the Land Rover Technical Terrain for the day.