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2020 Stage 6

Saturday, March 21, 2020
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Into The Wild

A saw tooth profile is exactly what riders do not want to see come the penultimate day of the Absa Cape Epic. Riding through a private nature reserve, the presence of zebra, eland, springbok and particularly giraffe will serve as welcome distraction from aching legs. Steep but mercifully short vineyard climbs start the day before the Wild Boar Rollercoaster provides singletrack thrills. District roads and farm dual tracks, through iconic wine farms manage to avoid any serious climbs on the way to Arc en Ciel Game. Once in the private reserve, the trail surface deteriorates sharply, demanding concentration. Upon exiting the reserve, the climbing begins in earnest. The day’s Land Rover Technical Terrain provides a strenuous climb before the Python singletrack ascent adds another telling point of reference. Then the Wild Boar Trails are all about challenging thrills. In the closing kilometres, Golden Mile deposits riders into the farmlands surrounding Wellington and allows winding dual tracks to lead them home. 

Land Rover Technical Terrain: Rocky Horror Climb

There are sections of the route which will remain in riders’ memories for better reasons, but there are few which are as sure to sear into your consciousness as Rocky Horror. Land Rover Technical Terrains do not come much more technical than this. Engage granny gear and pick your line with caution; loose rocks, the size of your fist litter the 1-kilometre long climb and once a foot goes down, it’s game over for you.