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2021 Prologue

Sunday, October 17, 2021
Start Location
University of Cape Town
Finish Location
University of Cape Town



Table of the Cape

Luís de Camões characterised Table Mountain as the mythological giant, Adamastor. The petrified titan provides fast and technical, at times, riding for the opening kilometres of the 2021 Absa Cape Epic, in Table Mountain National Park. Returning riders will be well briefed on what to expect; steep gradients heading both up and downhill, and a flutter of pre-race butterflies. The Prologue features climbing from the off; through campus and the UCT XC Track and onto the dual tracks of Table Mountain National Park. The first significant challenge is the Quarry Climb. Riders will then ascend to Dead Man’s Tree; virtually the highest point of the stage. The asphalt of Table Mountain Road provides rolling respite before the white knuckle descent of the day’s Land Rover Technical Terrain: Plum Pudding. 

Land Rover Technical Terrain: Plum Pudding

Located 16 kilometres into the Prologue, the first section of Land Rover Technical Terrain has a formidable reputation. Some Cape Town riders seek it out for its dusty surface and precipitous gradient. Others avoid it at all costs following the dual track downhill rather than risk its final mine-shaft like drop. Absa Cape Epic riders will have no B-line, it is Plum Pudding or humble pie.