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2021 Stage 5

Friday, October 22, 2021
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The Only Way Is Up

Short and brutally steep, on exhausted legs, Stage 5 will be a major physical and psychological hurdle on the trail to Val de Vie. In the past stages like these have been dubbed play days, but there is little playful about this intense test. The climbing starts virtually instantaneously. Leaving Wellington, the only way is uphill on the lengthy Hawequa Climb. It is never steep, but rather a slow, leg-sapping grind. The descent from the summit starts on dusty dual track, before slipping into the Brooklyn Bridge singletrack. Singletrack climbs and descents blur into one vision of agony and ecstasy thereafter. Up Seven Peaks, down Cool Runnings, up Aap d’Huez into Full Monty – the day’s Land Rover Technical Terrain – and a further black diamond, black route loop. The fun, games, climbing and, in all likelihood, suffering are not quite over yet. Riders must battle home for very hard-earned rest and recovery ahead of a big weekend of riding. 

Land Rover Technical Terrain: Full Monty

In 2021 the Absa Cape Epic goes all the way, taking in the complete Full Monty during Stage 5’s Land Rover Technical Terrain. Well-loved for its fast and flowing sections which give way to tight switchback corners the Full Monty is the type of trail which makes the day’s massive altitude gain worth-while.