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2021 Stage 7

Sunday, October 24, 2021
Start Location
Finish Location
Val de Vie



The Trail to Val de Vie

Between Wellington and Val de Vie lie a final 68 kilometres of Untamed mountain biking. The Grand Finale is one last test to ensure that no finisher’s medal is handed over without the realisation being driven home that it was hard-earned. Patatskloof, Beulah and the Hawequa Climb roll neatly into one right from the off. At the summit of Hawequa, the final Dimension Data Hotspot provides a reward for the fastest to the top. Hugging the dizzyingly steep slopes of the Hawequa Mountains, the route loses hard earned altitude only to ascend again, up the Protea Climb. Undulating dual tracks tick off vital kilometres before the Freedom Struggle Climb and the Bone Rattler, which also forms the race’s final Land Rover Technical Terrain. Then, finally, onto the spectacular grounds of Val de Vie. Each Absa Cape Epic finisher will have had to earn his or her place with grit and determination. It is after-all the Untamed African Mountain Bike Race; the Absa Cape Epic; the Race That Measures All.


Land Rover Technical Terrain: Bone Rattler

A rocky dual track, dubbed the Bone Rattler, is the final section of Land Rover Technical Terrain for the 2021 Absa Cape Epic. From the top of the descent only 11 kilometres remain, but overcommit and you could spend those painfully pushing your bike on broken rims to the finish line at Val de Vie.