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2019 will be the first Absa Cape Epic David and Colin ride together.
They have achieved the following results together:

2019 Team Betway (Grand Masters), Riding

162-1 David Stevenson

South Africa South Africa

Epics Completed: 3

Nickname: na

Age: 54


Profession: Online casinos

I entered the Absa Cape Epic...
The whole event including the journey to the start just cannot be beat. It gives you purpose.

Best Results:
Just getting out and riding, sometimes alone but preferably riding with mates over the incredible trails we have at our doorstep. And the coffee stops.

Absa Cape Epics History:

2017 - Finisher (Men)
            Cat Pos: 200. GC Pos: 414. Time: 48:40.29,0

2016 - Individual Finisher (Grand Masters) Time: 51:02.32,2

2015 - Finisher (Masters)
            Cat Pos: 137. GC Pos: 454. Time: 56:36.37,9

2014 - Did not finish (Masters)

162-2 Colin Dix-Peek

South Africa South Africa

Epics Completed: 1

Nickname: Llama

Age: 51


Profession: Project Manager

I entered the Absa Cape Epic...
Because Sean said that entering would impress our wives.

Best Results:
Getting tubeless tyres

Absa Cape Epics History:

2008 - Finisher (Men)
            Cat Pos: 70. GC Pos: 310. Time: 63:20.11,0