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2019 Overall Results - Men

699-1 Simon Rollo
  Individual Finisher
  41:24.50,1 (15.21km/h)
699-2 Chris Maitland
  Out of race

2019 Stage Results - Men

Prologue 237. Cat, 497. GC
01:15.35,7 +31.54,2
Stage 1 210. Cat, 444. GC
07:28.53,4 +3:04.48,8
Stage 2 266. Cat, 607. GC
07:14.27,3 +3:36.46,0

Simon and Chris have not completed the Absa Cape Epic together. Simon and Chris have completed none of the one Absa Cape Epics they entered together.
They have achieved the following results together:

2019 Team Easy Coat (Men), Did not finish race

699-1 Simon Rollo

South Africa South Africa

Epics Completed: 2

Nickname: Simms

Age: 39


Profession: Accountant by day wanna be MTB'er after hours

I entered the Absa Cape Epic...
To accept the challenge of the toughest MTB race in the world

Best Results:
The Munga - 1120kms in 3 days non-stop (2017)
360ONE (2017)
Homeward Bound (twice) 230kms and 320kms (2014 and 2015)
Trans Baviaans 230kms (2016 + 2017)
Hill to Hill mtb a few times
Aquelle Tour Durban Cyclocross
Amashova a few times
94.7 a few times

Absa Cape Epics History:

2019 - Individual Finisher (Men) Time: 41:24.50,1

699-2 Chris Maitland

South Africa South Africa

Epics Completed: none

Age: 57


Absa Cape Epics History:

2019 - Did not finish (Men)