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2019 will be the first Absa Cape Epic Rodney and Billy ride together.
They have achieved the following results together:

2019 Team Sweat & Gears (Men), Riding

Rodney Mckechnie

South Africa South Africa

Epics Completed: 3

Nickname: Rodney

Age: 60


Profession: Chartered Accountant

I entered the Absa Cape Epic...
Enjoyed the 2006 (day trippers) and 2007 experience so much - did circa 820 km of the 920 km's on day trippers and just had to come back and do the whole race again!! And again. And again....

Best Results:
Doing the Cape Epic in 2007

Absa Cape Epics History:

2010 - Finisher (Men)
            Cat Pos: 218. GC Pos: 323. Time: 52:33.58,5

2008 - Individual Finisher (Masters) Time: 63:56.12,1

2007 - Finisher (Masters)
            Cat Pos: 76. GC Pos: 301. Time: 56:36.23,3

Billy Mckeown

England England

Epics Completed: none

Age: 40


Absa Cape Epics History: