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2019 will be the first Absa Cape Epic Alain and Ignus ride together.
They have achieved the following results together:

2019 Team Virgin Active (Men), Riding

202-1 Alain Walker

South Africa South Africa

Epics Completed: none

Age: 30


Absa Cape Epics History:

202-2 Ignus Oosthuizen

South Africa South Africa

Epics Completed: 3

Nickname: Ig

Age: 39


Profession: National Group Exercise Manager Virgin Active

I entered the Absa Cape Epic...
Because it is the toughest MTB race in the world!

Best Results:
Isuzu 3 Towers 4th Place / 1st Sub Vets teams several years in a row / Sani2C 14th place twice in a row / Worlds Cross Country Cascades - 12th / 2nd African XC champs 2014 / Completed 2 Cape Epics

Absa Cape Epics History:

2018 - Finisher (Men)
            Cat Pos: 63. GC Pos: 93. Time: 32:38.21,2

2017 - Finisher (Men)
            Cat Pos: 60. GC Pos: 95. Time: 34:57.31,9

2016 - Finisher (Men)
            Cat Pos: 53. GC Pos: 73. Time: 36:02.50,3

2014 - Did not finish (Men)