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David and Angus have not completed the Absa Cape Epic together. David and Angus have completed none of the one Absa Cape Epics they entered together. 2021 will be the second Absa Cape Epic they ride together.
They have achieved the following results together:

2021 Team Giant Kenya (Masters), Riding

2020 Team Giant Kenya (Masters), Did not finish race

394-1 David Carroll

England England

Epics Completed: none

Age: 45


Best Results:
I used to race road bikes as a kid in the UK but when we relocated to Kenya 11 years go I found the most amazing off-road trails and wilderness its hard not to get addicted!

Absa Cape Epic History:

394-2 Angus Douglas-Hamilton

Scotland Scotland

Epics Completed: none

Age: 52


Absa Cape Epic History: