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2022 Overall Results - Masters

423-1 Matt Woodall
  Out of race
423-2 Antony Funston
  Individual Finisher
  52:36.55,0 (12.94km/h)

2022 Stage Results - Masters

Prologue 117. Cat, 358. GC
01:35.48,1 +30.08,2
Stage 1 112. Cat, 360. GC
07:57.04,5 +3:30.05,5
Stage 2 125. Cat, 389. GC
09:54.06,4 +4:00.49,9
Stage 3 117. Cat, 346. GC
07:18.01,5 +2:54.30,8
Stage 4 124. Cat, 374. GC
06:36.31,3 +2:52.09,9

Matt and Antony have not completed the Absa Cape Epic together. Matt and Antony have completed none of the one Absa Cape Epics they entered together.
They have achieved the following results together:

2022 Team GlobalProcessingServices (Masters), Did not finish race

423-1 Matt Woodall

England England

Epics Completed: none


I entered the Absa Cape Epic...
It’s the pinnacle of stage racing and true bucket list stuff. I got super lucky with the lottery and have a team mate who shares a desire to tackle something crazy.

Best Results:
Transwales 2010
Epic Cymru 2015

Absa Cape Epic History:

2022 - Did not finish (Masters)

423-2 Antony Funston

South Africa South Africa

Epics Completed: 1


I entered the Absa Cape Epic...
Bucket List item and Matt got lucky with the lottery entry

Best Results:
Being on the bike for the past 25 years, and completing some challenging events like Trans Baviaans & Trans Elands a few times and training up for the 2020 cape epic....

Absa Cape Epic History:

2022 - Individual Finisher (Masters) Time: