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2023 Overall Results - UCI Men

40-1 Carson Beckett
  Out of race
40-2 Luke Vrouwenvelder
  Individual Finisher
  29:21.19,8 (22.41km/h)

2023 Stage Results - UCI Men

Prologue 27. Cat, 27. GC
01:09.41,1 +6.39,2
Stage 1 29. Cat, 29. GC
04:27.05,4 +25.21,3
Stage 2 48. Cat, 55. GC
05:12.07,5 +51.36,2

Carson and Luke have not completed the Absa Cape Epic together. Carson and Luke have completed none of the one Absa Cape Epics they entered together.
They have achieved the following results together:

2023 Team Dirt Camp Racing (UCI Men), Did not finish race

40-1 Carson Beckett

United States of America USA

Epics Completed: none


I entered the Absa Cape Epic...
“Challenge creates change”. I’ve been asked what success looks like to me a lot recently… and it's made me take some time to think. I know the one thing I do want with this sport is to evolve and you can’t do that by doing the same, comfortable thing. That would be continuing to do XC races in my "wheelhouse". That’s why I’m incredibly stoked/eager/intimidated to head to South Africa with the team. I want to step up to the plate and see what happens.

Best Results:
2022 3rd at US Marathon Nationals
2022 Swiss Epic Completed (finished solo)
2022 UCI Banner Elk 1st
2022, 2021 Elite Wisconsin ProXCT 2nd
2022 MTB Nats STXC 9th
2022 UCI Rincon, PR 6th
2022 3rd overall Transylvania Stage Race
2022 2nd overall Pisgah Stage Race
2021 Epic Rides Oz Trails: 10th
2021 Hincapie Gran Fondo: 2nd overall, 1st KOM
2021 Belgian Waffle Ride AVL 16th
2021 ORAMM 2nd
2021 14th and 7th Oz Trails ProXCT
2021 15th American Continental Champs
2019 9th Breck Epic UCI
2019 5th U23 Maja Cup HC
2019 2nd U23 STXC Nats
2018 2nd U23 XC Nats

Absa Cape Epic History:

2023 - Did not finish (UCI Men)

40-2 Luke Vrouwenvelder

United States of America USA

Epics Completed: 1


I entered the Absa Cape Epic...
I had an offer to race travel and race MTBs with 3 good friends of mine - how could I say no!

Best Results:
7X USA NATIONAL CHAMPION, (Most Recent was USA XCM Championship in 2022)
19X USA National Championship Medalist
3rd - 2022 BC Bike Race Overall, 3 Days in Yellow, 2 Stage Wins

Absa Cape Epic History:

2023 - Individual Finisher (UCI Men) Time: