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Thank you for your interest in the Absa Cape Epic. Whether you want to join us at the race or watch from home, we hope to be able to provide everything you need to cover the race.

We invite you to download our Media toolkit where you can access press releases online and have access to photos and footage.

Besides being a great place to watch the racing unfold, the Absa Cape Epic race village is an impressive site for anyone visiting. There are two programmes you can apply for, so come and experience or cover the action first hand on our Media Programmes. 


Non-Riding Media Programme 

The non-riding media programme is for those who would like to follow the action first-hand to cover the event, the professional riders or a specific team. 

This can include independent journalists, videographers, photographers, online content specialists or mountain bike specific media.  

You are welcome to join from one day to the full duration of the event and capture the race from your own, unique, perspective. 

Riding Media Programme 

The riding media programme is for media or high profile celebs to take on the race and experience it first-hand.  

There are limited media entries available and are offered to first-time riders only. 

The accredited riding media has the opportunity to experience and have access too: 


What to Expect

Riders’ Perspective
Experience life in the race village and get up close to the professional riders, aspiring amateurs and celebrities who come from all corners of the globe to compete in the Untamed African MTB Race.  Life in the race village is an experience on its own, hosting 5000 people including riders, crew, volunteers, sponsors and supporters following the race.

Get the Latest
Besides the racing this is an ideal opportunity for you to see what the top competitors are riding and where the tech trends are going.  Did you know that 88% of all participants opted for single chainring with a maximum of 12 gears to get them through the 624km and 16650m of vertical ascent.

The Absa Cape Epic has long been used as a testing ground for the world’s premier mountain bike and apparel brands. Due to the unforgiving nature of the terrain that the race passes through the race mechanics are put through their paces to ensure 1300 bikes are race-ready each morning. 

There are multiple media-exclusive events prior to and during the race for you to enjoy and network at.  The Media Village offers some respite from the busy race village and provides a tranquil space for media to unwind at the end of a long day but the more energetic can head to the Chill Zone for a cold beverage at the end of each day and socialize with riders and supporters.

The Biggest
The Absa Cape Epic is the biggest full-service mountain bike stage race in the world and will ensure your stay is memorable and insightful.  You will be provided with media services of international standard and readily available information for a worthwhile trip and fantastic experience.


 What a journalist had to say:

"I’ve been to both WorldTour road events and mountain bike world cups, and the event village of the Absa Cape Epic is bigger again. With so many riders, the support crew that follows is surprising in its enormity. 

Access to the elite riders is made easy, with plenty of time for relaxed chats between stages. As accredited media, it was made easy to gain access to the course and see the lead riders at numerous points along each stage. 

It’s a real community spirit and the riders there just to finish are able to mingle with some of the world’s best. 

The course and conditions the riders must conquer truly push the body and equipment to the absolute limit. With this, there’s plenty of new and rarely seen tech in testing to prove against such conditions. Likewise, every stage is filled with emotion and heart break when either body or bike fails to perform."

-David Rome, Australian editor – 


Click here to apply for Media Accreditation


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