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1.  Who can Volunteer?
The Volunteer programme for the Absa Cape Epic is open to applicants worldwide, aged 18 – 60.  Volunteers of various ages will be selected and will include professionals from different fields, students as well as retirees

2.  I live in another country/province. Can I apply to volunteer?
Absolutely! However, you must be in Cape Town on the required days preceding the start of the race. All Volunteers are responsible for their own accommodation and transport to and from Cape Town International Airport before and after the event. We also request that all Volunteers are fluent in English so they may converse with the local spectators and organising committee.

3.  How many Volunteers are selected each year?
Approximately 50-55 Volunteers are selected to our Volunteer programme each year. This number is based on the amount of space available in the Race Villages as well as the number of roles that can be performed by Volunteers during the event.

4.  When will I get a response to my Volunteer application
Volunteer applications will remain open until January. However, first round selections will be done in December of the preceding year. Successful applicants will be notified and must confirm their acceptance within 2 weeks of receipt of the invitation email.  Your application is only confirmed once you have made payment.

5.  Is attendance of the Volunteer workshops compulsory?
The Volunteer Workshops will be hosted at the Absa Cape Epic office in late January or early February before the race and is compulsory for all successful applicants based in Cape Town.  A consolidated version of the information presented at the workshop will be sent to all Volunteers not living in South Africa or Cape Town.  We will host a final welcome and orientation session on the morning of Rider Registration, this session is compulsory for all Volunteers as it contains vital information and allows for all Volunteers to meet as a group.

6.  Why do you charge Volunteers to join your Volunteer programme?
We charge first time Volunteers with whom we have never worked before as a measure of their commitment to the Absa Cape Epic and Volunteer programme.  Many of our Volunteers are invited to return year after year because each year is an experience of a lifetime. In these instances their Volunteer fee is subsidised and they pay a reduced fee which covers their stay in the Race Village (i.e. the same catering and tented accommodation which is the same as the riders receive).

7.  When should I plan to be in Cape Town, South Africa for the event?
Your arrival and departure schedules are dependent on your travel plans and tour itinerary but we recommend arriving in Cape Town no later than lunch time on the Friday before the start of the race which means you would be able to attend the Around the World party in the evening.  You must be at Volunteer registration which takes place at the Around the World party on Friday evening. Volunteers will also be required to work on Saturday morning at the Rider Registration.  The Volunteer programme "ends" at 15:00 on the final day of the race (i.e. the following Sunday).

8.  What Volunteer positions are available?
Water Point Activation Team
Race Nutrition Service Team
Pro Tech Support Team
Strip Stop Team
Start/ Finish Team
Tracking Team 

9.  What is the process regarding the guaranteed entry?
Successfully completing the Volunteer programme guarantees each Volunteer an entry into the following year’s race. Volunteers do not have to use this entry for themselves, they can pass the entry on.  However, local Volunteers must nominate local riders and international Volunteers must nominate international riders. Volunteers will have one week to send in their nominations after the event. This is a reserved entry not a free entry, and must be used for the following year's race.

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